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Bike Repair & Service

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Tune Up Packages

Multi Speed/ Gyro/Dropper Tune Up


Bikes with front and rear derailleurs. Bikes with a cable detangler (Gyro). Bikes with rear derailleur and a dropper seat post.

Wheel truing

Brakes adjusted

Derailleurs adjusted

Bearings adjusted

Dropper cable and post lubed

Grease added if needed

Chain lubed

All bolts and nuts tightened or checked

Wipe down

3sp/5sp BMX/Single Speed


Bikes with 1 derailleur. Bikes with internal hub gears. Bikes with 1 gear and 2 hand brakes.

Wheel truing

Brakes adjusted

Derailleur adjusted

Bearings adjusted

Grease  or oil added if needed

Chain lubed

All bolts and nuts tightened or checked

Wipe down

Full Suspension/E-Bike Tune Up


Bikes that have front and rear suspension/shocks. E-Bikes.

Wheel truing

Brakes Adjusted

Derailleurs Adjusted

Bearings adjusted

Grease added if needed

Suspension stanchions lubricated and cleaned.

Dropper cable and post lubed

Chain lubed

All bolts and nuts tightened or checked

Wipe down

Complete Overhaul


Take off all components, individually clean all components and frame/fork, re-assemble and tune.

Wheel truing

All bearings overhauled (Bearings extra)

All new cables installed (Cables extra)

Individually clean all components

Soak and sonic clean chain.

Clean frame and fork

Re-assembled and tuned

A La Carte Services

Tire/Tube Install

On bike - $15

Just the wheel - $12

Tubeless - $25

Electric Wheel - $35

Most tubes - $9.99

Fat Tubes - $19.99

Clean Drive Train

Take off, sonic clean, re-install - $40

Tuning not included

Components & Accessories Install

$8-$25 - Depending on Item

Tuning not Included

Common Repair Parts

Spoke - $1.99

Loose Bearings - 1.99/side

Brake Cable - $8.99

Shift Cable - $9.99

Brake Adjustments

Most - $20

Disc/Detangler (Gyro) - $25

Hydraulic Bleed - $35

Derailleur Adjustments

Each - $25

Wheel Truing

Minor - $22

Major/Install spoke - $30

Re-lace rim - $50

Build wheel - $70

Bearing Adjustments

Each - $12

Exerciser/ Scooter/ Electric/Misc.

Scooter Tube/Tire Replacement - $35

Hourly Rate - $80/hour

Shock/Suspension Overhaul

Typically sent to the Shock Treatment Center or FOX

Most forks - $140-$180

Most Rear Shocks - $120-$160

Shift Lever Overhaul

Disassemble & sonic clean - $10

Re-assemble & tune - $25

Total = $35 + new cable

Bearing Overhaul

Headset - $20

Bottom Bracket - $22-25

Rear Hub - $25

Front Hub - $20

All labor rates do not include parts. Prices subject to change without notice.